Frank Fischer
Portrait Frank Fischer (Biography)

Frank Fischer was born in Zürich, Switzerland in 1974. He has lived in London since 1996, having studied at the Byam Shaw School of Art (BA/post graduate), then at the Chelsea College of Art, where he received his Masters Degree in Art. Frank was honored with the Jerwood Contemporary Painters award in 2007. 

The colors used in Frank Fischer’s paintings come from a reductionist process of color extraction, taken and referenced from previously painted, and often, known works of art. The process continues as the referenced colored glossy pigments are dripped on the aluminum panel, eventually creating vertical strips of color, reflecting, exploring, and expanding the individual color code of the relevant work.

The chosen expressive form of the original artist, whose work has been referenced, has been deliberately eliminated, allowing the energy and power of the networked colors to expand in their reborn form, while maintaining their original qualities. The painting is being reinterpreted into an abstract form, that invites the viewer to experience the work on another perceptual level.

Referenced, the painting becomes an independent contemporary interpretation. Frank Fischer, while driven by his search for arresting color ranges and combinations, has explored the history of art and selects works based on the extent and order of their intrinsic color spectrum. He then digitally processes the image and draws a selection line across the work just one pixel wide that samples the widest and most interesting color palette.

“The most interesting part is seeing other paintings with completely different eyes – I look for color bases inviting themselves to be interpreted. And I always use the original title of the painting – it’s a trail or a clue to inspire people to explore the color field and endless configurations".    

Fischer pays homage to his source-pieces by intersecting the most relevant colors of the work. “Say in a work like The Last Supper, I’ll want to take the line through the head of Jesus.”

The paintings of Frank Fischer are in permanent public and private collections worldwide.   

Past Solo Exhibitions



Kunsthaus Hänisch, Kappeln, Schlei, Germany


MyCy, Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark


Hommage à Denise René
Radial Art Contemporain, Strasbourg, France  


Decoding CoBrA 
Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark


History Repeating / The Frank Fischer Code 
Radial Art Contemporain, Strasbourg, France


The Danish Collection
Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark


Frank Fischer “des lignes d’historie de l’art...” 
Galerie Pierrick Touchefeu, Sceaux, Paris


Frank Fischer 
Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark


The Legend of St Francis of Assisi (after Giotto) 
Mark Jason Fine Art, 1 Bell Street, London


Seduction in Colour
Smithfield Gallery, London