Tim Flach
Book Cover DogsGods

This is a book for anybody who loves to look at dogs in their almost infinite variety. In a remarkable series of original photographs, award-winning artist Tim Flach examines and celebrates the wonder of the dog. Drawing on access to some of the world’s most prized dogs and breeds, along with insights into cutting-edge research on the human-dog relationship, Flach and writer Lewis Blackwell take the reader on a remarkable journey around the canine world.


From examining the origin of the species, to showing how dogs can surprise us with new secrets about life, Dogs is an inspiration and celebration around one of the most enduring loves.
This is the tale of our oldest, most faithful friend, the species that came in from the cold more than 15,000 years ago to keep us company and share our food.


These incredibly adaptable animals can entertain us, protect us, teach us how to love, do what they are told, and tell us what is going to happen next. They can even extend our lives. This great bond that has forged so many different forms of dog is the inspiration for this book. 


In insightful stories and eye-opening images, Dogs shows us that our great companions may not only be remarkable as dogs - they can also hold the key to new understandings of what it is to be human.


Dogs Gods was published worldwide in October 2010 and is available from the following publishers.

USA & Canada
UK, Ireland & South Africa
Germany & Switzerland
La Martinière
Australia & New Zealand